Country Lifestyle, Automated πŸ€–

Moving to the country doesn't have to mean losing touch with technology, all that's needed to take advantage of the latest gadgets, apps, and clever devices is an internet connection and a bit of creative thinking. After moving rurally, we were interested in how we could modernise the Cottage. We started by setting up security … Continue reading Country Lifestyle, Automated πŸ€–


1 Month in the Country πŸ—“οΈπŸ‘

The 1st month has been and gone here at our little half-acre home and I'm so impressed with what we have managed to do round the place so far... Turn Up The Heat πŸ”₯ The insulation and heating in the close to 80-year-old cottage needed to be addressed straightaway.Β  There's a wood burner in the … Continue reading 1 Month in the Country πŸ—“οΈπŸ‘