1 Month in the Country 🗓️🏡

The 1st month has been and gone here at our little half-acre home and I’m so impressed with what we have managed to do round the place so far…

Turn Up The Heat 🔥

The insulation and heating in the close to 80-year-old cottage needed to be addressed straightaway.  There’s a wood burner in the lounge and an old coal cook-top in the kitchen, both do a good job of putting out heat into those particular rooms. The main issue is the heat wasn’t contained in the house for long due to the lack of insulation and drafty windows (I dream of double glazing 😍).

We were lucky to get the roof and underfloor insulation completed within the first week of moving in (and just before winter!), so the property now meets specification. We then splashed out on a heat pump which has just been installed – both additions have made such a HUGE difference! The house heats up sooo much faster and keeps the warmth in – I’m telling you this place is now cosy as heck.


Make It Pretty 🎀

More a ‘want’ than a ‘need’ – I’ve booked in for our front and back doors to be replaced. This door design has been on my wish list for a wee while, its known as a ‘Stable’ or ‘Dutch’ door. I’ll be replicating the door and color palette with polished brass fittings.

Pink farm door

I’m using some local companies to custom make the Dutch/Stable cedar door and install. To save some more dough we’ll prime and paint the door. Not sure if I should have two pink doors or maybe one a pastel lemon…. or aqua…🤔

The stable door will be great in summer when I want the breeze coming in but not have chickens running amok.

So there will be no more of THIS:

Daphne will be most upset…

I’ve also chosen the colour palette for the house exterior:


The Yard 🌱

Moving onto the outside, we have done a lot to clear the section by cutting down trees & clearing the garden.

An arborist is due in next month to give these sad and decaying cabbage trees the chop, one is in quite a bad state and starting to fall apart.


Disposing of the wood ourselves will be a money saver, no point getting it cut further down to size, mulched, and transported away.  The wood from these trees is no good for the wood burner as it holds a lot of water, it’ll just turn into a wet and rotten mess.

It will be a great reason to hold a mid winter bonfire, invite round a few friends and sip on a couple of glasses of homemade mulled wine… mmm!

In the garden I’ve planted peas, radishes, carrots, and two types of garlic… and we’ve had a prolific harvest of feijoa’s, lemons, limes, with oranges now ripening.  I’m struggling to keep up with this constant drop of fruit…  feijoa loaf… citrus loaf… lime pickle… freshly squeezed orange juice and orange cake must be next.

The chickens are doing well and enjoying a life of freedom, even if they havent laid any eggs yet (it’s the off-season) we still have plenty of coop waste to make a rich compost ready for next year.  I also successfully trained our dog to be chicken proof!

Also – BEST NEWS! – In rural areas (like ours) there is no limit to how many dogs you can have…

In most suburbs the limit is two, with a permit needed from your council if you are wanting more than that.  Mr B and I are on a waiting list for a puppy that (everything going well) should be by the end of this year.  Sorry for the future puppy spam this blog will likely have. #notsorry.

The Granny Flat 👵

Little Mum’s new home is coming along, design plans came through earlier this week along with a full estimate for a turn-key solution… Check it out, this cute lil 50 square meter job will fit perfectly on the section.

We have a number of steps to sort out prior to any materials arriving or tools placed in hand. I knew building a house wouldn’t be fast, but even before that can start things like ground tests, council approvals have to be done and seem to take several months!

Ah well, I really love living here, the nights are so quiet, the happy bird song in the morning….. We are in no rush. All part of the journey right? 💖 

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “1 Month in the Country 🗓️🏡

  1. I adore the idea for the door! I’m so excited for you! Also with your heating it sounds like you have it sorted but HRV is also amazing I had it installed before I moved in and it has made the most amazing difference. I also dream of double glazing. I can’t wait to come up and see it! So excited for you and so excited to keep following your blog and all your dreams coming true! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jessy 😊 it’s keeping me busy on the weekends, still lots to do but we will take it bit by bit. So nice coming home to a toasty house with the weather we have been having recently…. i mean 4 degrees is a bit rude lol. Looking forward to hearing about your home too xx


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