Work begins on the Half-Acre🌱

There is so much to get done around our half acre section – bushes, shrubs, trees, hedges and weeds are creeping higher up and further out. It’s going to take a wee while to get it looking to where I want it to be – ideally a semi low maintenance plot with space for us to grow and harvest our own vegetables. Surprisingly enough, we have made quite a bit of progress already after only 2 weeks of being here.


Our next job is to get started with the granny flat being built on the section so that Mr B’s Mum, AKA ‘Little Mum’, and her loyal senior Springer Spaniel Janey can have their own space. The property is originally Little Mum’s, our plan to move to this little piece of the quite life was made a few years ago but all dependent on the Otaki to Levin roading decision. Finally NZTA released the proposed routes earlier this year and here we are!

Now, right bang smack where the granny flat needs to go are some large trees. The biggest ones we will need to save for the professionals – like these large cabbage trees by the sheds and fence lines:


The others are a bit simpler and came down over a few weekends, successfully (well mostly) handled by Mr B and his handy dandy new chainsaw. We did end up having one hefty branch land on our fence… so a trip to the hardware store is in our near future.


Heads up that unboxing and using a chainsaw may unleash a level of testosterone in your partner on Macho Man Randy Savage like levels… it must be like Easter, Christmas, and Xbox game release date all combined into one



The land starts to look a lot larger once things are cleared.



Also loving the sight of the wood shed right now…. next winter will be toasty.


Whats even better about rural living is you can burn off all the green waste!

Yay for bonfires! This might be my favourite part…


I also managed to rip out a huge raspberry bush to uncover this garden bed, it was back breaking work but so satisfying to finish. Im sure that still wont be the last I see of the plant, and fully expect to be ripping out new shoots here and there.

I’ve mixed in a bag of sheep pellets into the soil and left that to infuse all its poopy goodness until Anzac day when I plan to get garlic planted.


Until next time…




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