Meet our Flock – The Three Pecketeers ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ

Hi Peeps!

Its about time I did a chicken post now that our girls have had several weeks to settle into their new paradise.

Introducing Delilah, Peckachu, & Daphne

The Three Peckateers

They are between 12-14 weeks at the moment, and likely wont start laying for another few months.

Our main reason for getting chickens was for eggs, but they also provide great entertainment. I absolutely love having these girls free ranging and running about on our property, and have been able to waste several hrs watching them in the sun with a glass of wine in one hand and chicken feed in the other.


They are at large on property during the day, enjoying being able to peck and scratch at all sorts of plants and insects, or snoozing under the lemon tree. At night we keep them in a coop and run so that they are nicely protected from predators and the cold.

Each one of our chickens has their own personality, it’s been really fun getting to know each one.


Daphne is a Rhode Island Red, and is both the ring-leader and trouble-maker of the flock – she knows when to expect ( or demand) breakfast and dinner and has even been found in the kitchen once.


Delilah is a stunning Lavender Orpington, quiet and laid back. She looks out for little Peckachu who is the baby of the flock.


Peckachu was originally called Daisy….then Gingey… and then dubbed Peckachu by Mr B. She is a cross between a Lavender Orpington & Buff Sussex and although she still cheeps like a baby chick I have a hunch shes going to be a BIG hen. And check out those ombre feathers! #itscalledfashionlookitup

These two gals are total BFFs, walking around the garden joined at the hip or snuggling up close to sleep.

Ill keep the blog updated with how the flock gets on and the coop happenings , Mr B has already set up a ‘Chicken Cam’ out the front of the coop we may capture some secret chicken gang activity on that.

Cya next time!


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