From the burbs to the country ๐ŸŒพ

Today our house went unconditional.

Starting a journey we having been dreaming of for a number of years – to move further afield. A change in lifestyle.

If you were to tell me 5 years ago that I would be married, own a dog, 2 cats, 3 chickens, and have moved out of Wellington to the Horowhenua I would of raised an eyebrow (if I could) and asked you to go on….

Back in twenty thirteen I was a single IT engineer in my early twenties, renting an exorbitant central city apartment on Taranaki Street. Where the booming of Pharrell’s ‘Get Lucky’ from Electric Avenue drowned out any chance of a bird song, even if the only birds around were pigeons and seagulls.

A clash of worlds – technology reliant early 90s kid is grown up, married, and moving to the small rural-ish town of Manakau. A far cry from times spent in my early twenties having a playstation/netflix night, or out at the cafes and bars with friends or colleagues.

So why move?
Well it’s not news that the housing market in New Zealand has gotten crazy unaffordable, figures from January 2018 show the Wellington market has risen 9% in the last year, with the average property in the Wellington region now valued at $634,811.

And then there’s Auckland at a depressingly unachievable 1 million.

Downsizing our mortgage and reducing debt is big factor in our decision to buy further out from Wellington. Plus there’s also just something so relaxing about rural NZ – a bigger backyard, quieter surroundings, and cheaper produce are just some of the plus sides.

Five days a week will be spent commuting for just over an hour from Otaki to my desk job in the Wellington CBD, before returning to our 1940s cottage to feed the chickens, cats, dog, and husband. Order of feeding likely subjective.

This blog will be a place for sharing our adventures of adjusting to a more rural lifestyle. Theres some really exciting things coming up including

  • Home renovations
  • Having a go at DIY and upcycling
  • Learning how to use power tools
  • Building a granny flat
  • Chicken keeping
  • Vege growing
  • Other outdoorsy stuff that will be a bit of a hoot

I’m not exactly known for any of these skills – in fact I really have no clue, but I am looking forward to having a go and learning on the way.

Thanks for reading,


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